Commissions, Exhibits and the CreativeProcess

Social Activism Inspired

Public viewing at The World Beat Center Museum, Balboa Park, California, allows visitors the opportunity to learn about those who have contributed to their world.


This "Friends of the Library" commemorates the love of teacher and student for reading. It is enjoyed by all in Fallbrook,California

Add Interest to Architectural Design

"Milestone",a large Greyhound, marked the opening of the beautiful new veterinary hospital in Alameda, California.


Honoring Beatrice Wood at her museum 

 Ojai, California

Creating a portrait requires long hours of research and careful attention to personality and history as well as the fine nuances of the image.

This sculpture is created in clay and fired to finish.


Finished bronze at the foundry

The lengthy process of creating a bronze is worthy of the time.From the creation of the original clay (several days to months), a mold is made( days - weeks), then a wax is cast and carefully worked to retain details (another day or two), a silica mold made( 10-12 days), molten metal is cast into the silica mold (1 day),cooling and detailing (1 week or more) Patination and setting in stone. 

!It's lasting qualities will be available for centuries!

The Process

Many sculptures represent human emotions capturing a moment in time. In three dimension, hundreds of views are represented by every turn of the subject . Every turn requires a time consuming completion of the image in the service of creating the whole.